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CREA+ Creatine.

CREA+ Creatine.
CREA+ Creatine.
CREA+ Creatine.
CREA+ Creatine.
CREA+ Creatine.
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Crea plus has proven to be very effective. It has the  ability to pack on muscle mass, size and strength and speeding up recovery time between sets. It's simply a powerful muscle building formula to increase strength & gain more muscle. This formula provides your muscle with a premium 5g dose of an hplc-certified creatine blend as monohydrate and HCL.
Crea plus delivers a rapid acting carbs (vitargo)that triggers an insulin spike post-workout, shutting creatine straight into your muscles while rapidly replenishing glycogen stores, essential for muscle recovery. ICrea plus delivers in addition to rapid acting carbohydrate (vitargo) and creatine  L-leucine, l-alpha lipoic acid, l-alanine, l-taurine and minerals.

Product Highlights:
  • Rapid muscle gain
  • Boosts athletic power & strength
  • Supports weight training
  • Intensifies muscle-expanding effect

How to use: 
Mix 2 scoops per 200-250ml of water. Shake well and consume as Pre and or during and or Post exercise on training days, or throughout the day on non-training days.

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