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Best Active Recovery ingredients hand-picked to jumpstart recovery immediately following your training. These ingredients combine to aid muscle repair and promote gains in strength, size, and endurance, specifically when taken after workouts.

Why Vitargo® ? Vitargo® is a considerably larger carbohydrate than ordinary sports drinks carbohydrates, the molecular structure reminds of glycogen. The larger carbohydrate, the quicker the drink passes through the stomach and then the intestines can absorb the energy into your blood stream. This is called osmolality, the lower osmolality the quicker passage through the stomach. Vitargo® has been clinically tested. The results showed that Vitargo® was quicker in replenishing glycogen levels and passing through the stomach compared with the normal combinations of complex glucose polymers.

Why BCAA?  Branched-chain amino acids are the most important essential aminos for muscle recovery, growth, and increased performance. Take them before, during, or after your workout for fast absorption and a potent dose of recovery and strength.

 BCAA Made up of three essential amino acids — leucine, isoleucine, and valine — BCAAs promote growth and recovery. We’ve included them in a 3:1:1 ratio, compared to many other BCAA products’ 2:1:1 ratio, because of leucine’s superior anabolic potential.

The first half-hour after your workout is the muscle building window for the muscle group that you have trained. fuse anabolic is an elite muscle-gaining support formula designed to be taken immediately after your workout, or after any physical activity before consuming any other shake or meal. this formula delivers 10grams bcaa which 6 grams of leucine, plus 5 grams glutamine, 20000 mg of total  amino acid, with   20 grams of super fast release carb. fuse anaboilic supplies you with  the tools you need to pack on muscles & develop the physique you’ve always wanted  

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