How does muscle building works?

There are few things involved in Muscle Building and these main things are:

  • Weight training
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery

And the most important thing is those 3 factors go together for example: to activate the protein synthesis of muscle is by training with weight to achieve hypertrophy of muscle fiber. And in order to do that Recovery (Rest) in needed. There are various training systems that lead to muscle growth but what comes with it is how you train will be deciding if you going to build muscles or not.

  • Number of sets
  • Number of repetitions
  • Time under tension
  • Training with the correct weight

Training exercise like Bench press for muscle building:
Lets say your Max 1 rep is 100kg
1 set warm up
3 sets of 9 reps x 76kg --Tempo 3:1:1:0 -- Time under tension 45 seconds -- 90 s break
1 drop set 6-3-3 = 6 reps then drop weight to do 3 reps then drop weight to do 3 reps--Tempo 3:1:1:0


  • USE PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: It is basically states that your training should be constantly challenging your body and your muscles with greater stimuli. Overloading your muscles Opens a New Window. isn’t just a matter of going heavier, though that is certainly one way to do it.
  • Write down the weight used for each set in each workout.
  • Number of reps dictate the weight: If your aim is 9 reps that mean put weight that you left 9 reps or at least you stay in the same zone between 8 and 10 reps

After my 4th shoulder op in as many years they said it would be 6 to 9 months until I could gym again and that I'd probably never play ice hockey again. 2 months later I was doing both...this is me at 4 months post op. "Limits only exist if you let them"




Tempo in weight training is an important loading parameters as it has a major impact on the training is the rhythm at which you move a weight in one Rep. When you set a training goal it is important that your training is meeting your fitness goal.
A simple example is 12 Reps is not 12 Reps. 12 Reps at a 1010 Tempo is 24 seconds total time under tension. 12 Reps at a 4010 Tempo is 60 seconds total time under tension. Therefor rep is not rep and how you train is as important as what you train.
Tempo is measured by 4 digits are the most used to cover all the parts of a Repetition.

They are the following:
1- The first number – Lowering the weight or eccentric contraction
Eccentric contraction is the most important in building size and strength. It is the time in seconds to lower the weight after you've reached the top of the lift. This is the eccentric or negative phase (lowering the weight), which is opposite to the direction of muscle contraction.

2-The second number – Pause after lowering the weight
This pause after lowering the weight occurs between the eccentric (lowering) phase and the concentric (lifting) phase of a repetition.
For the curl, this would be when the weight as at its lowered position.

3-The third number – Lifting the weight or concentric contraction
The concentric contraction occurs when a muscle shortens, In an arm curl, this would be lifting of the dumbbell, for example. If an „X“ is used in the formula, it implies an explosive contraction with full acceleration. In this case the intent is more important than the actual visual lifting speed of the bar, though.

4-The forth number – Pause after lifting the weight
is the duration of the pause at the top of the lift, or when you have bent the elbow and lifted the dumbbell to the highest point in an arm curl. This number is sometimes left out. Depending on the exercise, this pause is important for muscle building because tension is held during the pause. This is the point that occurs at the end of the concentric phase, such as when you have extended your knees fully at the top of the squat. Pauses in this position also increase the recruitment of fast-twitch fibers. The fast-twitch fibers are the fibers that are crucial in developing strength, Power and Size.

So next time you having a training program think how to apply the tempo. If your aim is size for example the 3210 tempo x 10 reps will help the goal. The total time under tension will be 60 second.